Your employees are slacking;
and I'm cheaper

than you think.

I may be virtual, but my efforts aren't!

When I work, I am 100% focused, and I know how much I am worth.

I charge $55 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.


First, consider how much of my time you would actually utilize; it’s probably a lot less than you think.


Then, consider a regular in-person employee that you might pay $20 an hour for 40 hours a week. Add state and federal taxes, insurances, and paid time off or sick leave, company overhead, and now you are up to $33 per hour.


Now, think about how much that employee is truly working during those 40 hours. Have you ever had an office or desk job? The first hour you spend settling in, greeting your co-workers, and checking email. Follow that with 15 minutes getting ready for lunch or breaks, and then settling in time again when you return. After lunch, you are sluggish, and productivity is low. Then, you check if any candy needs crushing. Sometime during the day, you probably search the web for a better job, spend time reading CNN's headlines, and texting your BFF (and sweet Moses, don’t forget Facebook!).


Don't overlook personal calls, bathroom breaks, staring mindlessly at your monitor, or any other myriad of time-wasting activities available. Very little work is actually done at work!


Best case scenario, your employee works 4 hours of an 8-hour day. Now, that $20 per hour employee is costing you $65 per hour of actual work completed.


My billed time only includes time spent on your project.

I pay for my office expenses, hardware, software, and taxes. 

You pay to get the work done!


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